Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection (CLABSI)

The Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection (CLABSI) core committee has focused on initiatives over the past two years to support reduction of infections, including the use of daily chlorohexidine (CHG) bathing for patients in the ICU and on the oncology units (November, 2014). Research indicates that daily use of chlorohexidine for bathing helps to reduce central line infections.

Data has shown that CLABSI’s occurring at Spectrum Health is due to maintenance of the central lines occurring after line insertion. In response to this, the CLABSI committee has focused efforts to re-educate staff on the proper maintenance and surveillance of the central lines used in the organization on the oncology units where a high rate of infections are occurring. Education is focused on questioning daily line necessity, proper maintenance of the central lines including dressing changes, end cap changes, and sterile technique. Education was provided to all oncology units in January 2016 and the CLABSI committee will roll this education out to all nursing units in March 2017.

2016 interventions include:

  • Central line maintenance education and core competency for oncology units (January, 2016)
  • Additional monitoring and auditing of central line dressings (March 2016, November – December, 2016)
  • Trial of a new Centurion SorbaView Contour central line dressing (June 2016)
  • Re-education in oncology for daily CHG bathing (October 2016)


Spectrum Health Grand Rapids Inpatient CLABSI has seen a 24% reduction in the number of CLABSIs from 25 in the four months prior to interventions (Sept.15 – Dec.15) to 19 in the four months post interventions (Jul16-Oct16).

The CLABSI committee continues to focus on reduction in line infections for the organization. The goals for 2017 include:

  • 95% compliance with application of antimicrobial caps when indicated per policy
  • 95% compliance of dressing being occlusive
  • Decrease number of CLABSI to <2 per month
  • Maintain the average yearly Standard Infection Ratio (SIR) <1.0.
    • The SIR is calculated by dividing the observed number of CLABSI by the expected number of CLABSI

The new Centurion SorbaView Contour dressing will be implemented March 20, 2017. Clinical staff education will include a refocus on StatLock as the method to secure the central line.

CLABSI Core Committee Members

Brandi Miller MSN, RN
Jim Laforge MSN, RN
Luann Huizinga BSN, RN, CPHQ
James Codman BSN, RN, CIC
Molly Kane-Carbone BSN, RN, MED, CIC
Gwen Westerling BSN, RN, CIC