Leaders Interacting with Nurses to Increase Knowledge of Spectrum Systems (LINKS)

Implemented in 2006, the LINKS program provides the opportunity to strengthen staff and leadership communication and understanding of each other’s roles. The objectives of this paid, 4-week experience include:

  • Increase communication between staff RNs and those in leadership roles
  • Provide staff with valuable insights into administrative philosophies and goals
  • Provide leaders with valuable insights into the staff RN role
  • Retain competent nurses through this enhanced experience

Typically, LINKS is offered twice a year in the Spring and Fall. The Fall 2017 session was not held in order to support the organizational focus on NEXUS implementation.

LINKS program participants for FY18 share the impact of the experience:

Liz and Sheri

Left to right Sheri Boersma and Liz Pohl

Liz Pohl, BSN, RN, OCN (Spring 2018 LINKS Participant)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of experiences that the LINKS program provided me. The facilitators of the LINKS Program went above and beyond to arrange meaningful shadow experiences and tailor them to our interests. I appreciated that I was able to see the many roles, both traditional and non-traditional, that nurses can fill within our organization. It was encouraging to see nurses sharing their unique perspective as direct patient caregivers and spreading their specific knowledge to create change at a system level. I am so thankful for this experience where I was able to network and learn from so many mentors that I would have likely never met otherwise. The LINKS Program was an amazing experience.”

Liz Pohl, BSN, RN, OCN
Registered Nurse
5 Center- Adult Blood and Marrow Transplant

Sheri Boersma, BSN, RN, CPN (Spring 2018 LINKS Participant)

“The LINKS program was such a unique opportunity to engage with a variety of leaders in our organization and broaden my perspective beyond bedside nursing. While direct patient care is my first love, it was exciting to learn about the many intertwining layers of expertise and collaboration, all with the same ultimate goal of providing safe and excellent patient care. As a bedside nurse, it was empowering to see how our daily work and commitment to excellence really drives the success of organizational goals. In addition, LINKS gave me the opportunity to glean leadership wisdom and insight that will help me grow and serve as chair of our nursing Central Shared Leadership Council. Seeing the “big picture” of healthcare at Spectrum Health and gaining mentors throughout the process made the LINKS program a wonderful experience for which I am grateful.”

Sheri Boersma, BSN, RN, CPN
Registered Nurse
6 Children’s, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital